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Hurricane Sandy & Our New York Office
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Group photo of most of Mek East

In the past few days, we in the San Francisco headquarters of Mekanism have been watching the news about Hurricane Sandy closely in our warm homes and reading updates on our smartphones.

Fortunately we received word about our coworkers on the East Coast: Everyone in our New York office is doing OK, for which they’re very thankful.

Store sign

Sean Cosier rose to the occasion as a Mekanism hero when he drove from Brookyln in bumper-to-bumper traffic to help colleague Caroline Moncure and her cat in powerless Manhattan evacuate.


We love you, Sean! Thumbs up right back at ya.

The Mekanism East office has water damage but the power is out. Our folks there have all been working from home or crowded cafes with inconsistent Internet access and bad cell phone reception, which makes call meetings quite interesting.

6 feet tall of water behind our NY office building

Some still managed to go out and celebrate Halloween despite the conditions.

Instagram @gunandagirl

Overall, our spirits remain high.

For those of you affected by Sandy or know someone who is, we hope that everyone is safe and sound.

Empty New York City is still quite beautiful.

Obligatory Halloween Post Full of Photos
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Yesterday was pretty crazy here in our San Francisco headquarters. The Giants World Series Champion parade and Halloween combined together to make an extra orange day. (More on our NYC office and Mek East coworkers in tomorrow’s post. We didn’t forget about you guys!)

Enough talking. You just want to see us in costumes anyway. Here are people’s choice awards and a few honorable mentions.


Julie would like you guys to know that (1) she’s a TORNADO (2) she planned this homemade ensemble months in advance, way before Storm Sandy even formed (3) but she still feels bad. It’s ok. I’m sure we all know the differences among storms, typhoon, hurricane, and tornado.


Yesterday morning Brian asked me if I happened to have a whistle he can borrow. “Yes,” I said, “I have this rape prevention tool I received from our college police department years ago.” Then I saw him looking for a clipboard in our copy room. An hour later, he emerged as High School Sports Coach. (Brian’s clarification: Arnie Schaven, East Oakland High Lady Trojans Asst. Volleyball Coach)


Not the kind of Sugar Daddy I had in mind. Apparently not the most comfortable to have fake blood on your face. Good to know.


Me: “Hey Liam. What are you?”
Liam: “Lettuce.”

Most Obscure

I’m sure everyone and their mom’s neighbor’s dog breeder has watched the hilarious addicting “Gangnam Style” music video by now. But do you remember Psy’s riend in head-to-low yellow who has a dance-off with him at the end? Tommy did. 



Not sure where Cary shops online, but she said this was sold as a “Corn Star” costume. So punny.

Best Pet Costume

Eli and Elizabeth were Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI! Man, I want a pet so I can do this.

Another awesome pet + pet owner duo costumes: Super Dog and Lois Lane


For all of the photos from our San Francisco office on Halloween 2012, check out our Flickr album.