Hurricane Sandy & Our New York Office
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Group photo of most of Mek East

In the past few days, we in the San Francisco headquarters of Mekanism have been watching the news about Hurricane Sandy closely in our warm homes and reading updates on our smartphones.

Fortunately we received word about our coworkers on the East Coast: Everyone in our New York office is doing OK, for which they’re very thankful.

Store sign

Sean Cosier rose to the occasion as a Mekanism hero when he drove from Brookyln in bumper-to-bumper traffic to help colleague Caroline Moncure and her cat in powerless Manhattan evacuate.


We love you, Sean! Thumbs up right back at ya.

The Mekanism East office has water damage but the power is out. Our folks there have all been working from home or crowded cafes with inconsistent Internet access and bad cell phone reception, which makes call meetings quite interesting.

6 feet tall of water behind our NY office building

Some still managed to go out and celebrate Halloween despite the conditions.

Instagram @gunandagirl

Overall, our spirits remain high.

For those of you affected by Sandy or know someone who is, we hope that everyone is safe and sound.

Empty New York City is still quite beautiful.

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