Holiday Party Pictures and Video
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It’s not a secret that we at Mekanism are weird and proud of it. Behold, our holiday video:

“Mekanistas” 2012 Mekanism Holiday Video from Mekanism on Vimeo

Yep, that is exactly how we wish people happy holidays. It’s tradition. We got some love for this from the folks at SF Egotist, Agency Spy, and Reddit as well.

As for our annual holiday party, we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

All photographer credit goes to Stian Rasmussen:

Most of our party planning committee. High-fives all around, guys.
Two-fourths of our partners, and wife lady.
Just had to add some weirdness in there.
Hey girl
The Old Mint building was a great venue.
And then the Sailor Moon transformation was complete.

Rest of the photos from the festive celebration can be found here.




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