Meet A Mekanista: Emmett Feldman
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(Un)fortunately, not everyone over-shares like I do here at Mekanism, so very often I learn surprisingly facts about my colleagues. Today I would like you to virtually meet our Design Director, Emmett Feldman.

Q: Tell me your life story.

A: Born in SF. Married to a beautiful vibrant lady that I met at Burning Man. Papa to a cute, heart-tingling daughter. Addicted to luminescent reflective pulsing shiny stuff.

Panamax from Suryummy on Vimeo.

Emmett’s newest animation short “Panamax.” He said it is “an ode to my daughter and the beautiful, troubled world she is growing up in.”

Q: How did you get into advertising/Mekanism?

A: I initially started working in animation and design by performing at raves in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. At the time, San Francisco had an extremely large, thriving underground dance community. Performing visuals in front of thousands of sparkly dancing party-goers in cavernous abandoned Oakland warehouses was pure joy. It had a wicked combination of primal ancestral campfire grit, cyberpunk utopia, and fuzzy candy cloud sunlight.

At about the same time I became enamored by a new crop of digital animators using motion graphics to tell stories in advertising. I was lucky enough to find a Craig’s List posting for a job at Mekanism. Back then there were only 5 of us. By the end of the first week I knew this group of merry pranksters was the place to be for me.

Here’s Emmett with his lovely daughter

Q: What is your job like? Favorite and least favorite aspects?

A: I design and animate the strange and wonderful ideas of the Mekanism group mind. My favorite part is getting into a zen design/animation flow.

Image search is my least favorite part since it gets very specific. Try finding a picture of a guy at a 15 degree angle, 22.5 years of age, shot in the late afternoon, eating a double scoop of strawberry praline ice cream from a sugar cone, while texting, in the middle of a snow storm, oh and he has to have no shoes on…. and you only have 5 minutes to do this.

Q: Why did you make and what’s next for it?

A: first started out as a portfolio site to get work in the industry. These days it’s more of a space to post personal animation and music projects. Suryummy stands for “surreal yumminess” of course.



This is where I sit back, sip my tea and watch your mind get blown by Emmett.


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  1. Jeri Shevat Says:

    Emmett is awesome, I agree. He has a beautiful, creative mind and is a wonderful person.

  2. Alex Shevat Says:

    I love this guy!! Not, only is he talented, inspirational and creative, he is great with my Daughter and Grand daughter!!

  3. Mark Feldman Says:

    I could not be prouder of my son Emmett! Dad

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