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2013 Mekanism Internal Summit- Speakers Edition
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So what did you do last weekend? That sounds nice. Guess what I did? I went to Palm Springs, CA, with all my coworkers for a three-day company retreat. No big deal.

I’m tabling all the colleague quality bonding fun for the next post, but for now, I have to tell you about our special guests who came to share a piece of their brilliant minds with us.


Mike Diva is a YouTube star and video producer whom Mekanism has worked with often. You may know him best for his groundbreaking viral video Sexy Saxman.  I’ve met him several times before this as well, but he still provided a lot of insight about the industry that was eye-opening. Our producers and editors were blown away when we found out the crazy tight time restraints and meager budgets Mike had to create such amazing videos — his perspective from the other side of the business was really fascinating. And not only is Mike immensely talented and successful for such a young guy, he’s also an incredibly humble and hilarious dude.


Brian Solis is one of those really important and influential people I hear about but never imagine of meeting. He’s had so many titles and has so much expertise in various subjects that I have no idea how he would go about introducing himself to strangers. I think we were all pinching ourselves a little bit to have him presenting, and Brian didn’t disappoint. He spoke to us about “Generation C,” a term he coined to describe the growing population of consumers that are connected via social media, and how brands must adapt to this. Just as he stressed that marketing must come from “moments of truth,” Brian kept it real, too.  He may be one of the industry’s savviest visionaries, but he’s also a super funny down-to-earth guy who knew how to hang.


A self-taught photographer and director, Chase Jarvis has built his reputation on disrupting the industry. Chase talked about his belief in sharing knowledge and making it accessible to as many people as possible, rather than hoarding it for personal gains. In the same spirit he loves collaborating with other artists, many of whom are also his close friends. The projects he shared with us were live, organic experiences that connect members of different creative circles and could be viewed and shared by an ever-expanding community. Oh, and he had beer and margaritas brought in for the talk.  This guy definitely knows his audience.


All of these guys earned honorary Mekanista status for sure, and we had a blast learning from them in such a low-key, intimate environment. My only concern is that we might have scared them a little with our, um, quirky personalities. Stay tuned for the next post to see what I mean.



Mekanism’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2013
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We know it’s already January 11th, but we’re just really hungover from going out on New Year’s Eve, alright? Stop talking so loud because it’s giving us a headache. Gosh.

We’re not sharing our personal resolutions for ourselves with you because (1) that’s what everyone else does and (2) some of our aspirations are too embarrassing or weird, so we decided to set goals for other people  to achieve this year. Read on to hear how your full potential could be reached. I’ve thoughtfully sorted them out into 4 different categories, too:

[People In Advertising, Including Ourselves]

  • Leona and MaryBe more productive and get more sleep. You’re spending way too much time on social media. Get back to work or go to bed.

[Social Media]

  • Mary  EvangelistaStill waiting for a meaningful interaction with a famous person on Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter! Or IRL (in real life). I’m not picky.
  • Tennyson WilsonHey you. Please stop posting random legal notices thinking that they will in any way protect what you put on Facebook.
  • Monica FineisNo more FUIs. Nobody drink and Facebook anymore.

[Mobile Apps]

  • Jalahn White- Hey Instagram, can there be a limit on how many hashtags allowed per picture? #Seriously #you #don’t #need #to #hashtag #every #single #word.
  • Chin LuCan Grindr please finally let straight people in? The OKCupid app and Tindr just aren’t the same.

[YouTube videos]

  • Leona FreyBe more honest with your video titles. I highly doubt that your shaky iPhone video of your kid dancing is the “FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER!”
  • Chin LuDefinitely more cat videos. Like, way more.


You have a whole year ahead of you to accomplish this. Godspeed.