Mekanism’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2013
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We know it’s already January 11th, but we’re just really hungover from going out on New Year’s Eve, alright? Stop talking so loud because it’s giving us a headache. Gosh.

We’re not sharing our personal resolutions for ourselves with you because (1) that’s what everyone else does and (2) some of our aspirations are too embarrassing or weird, so we decided to set goals for other people ¬†to achieve this year. Read on to hear how your full potential could be reached. I’ve thoughtfully sorted them out into 4 different categories, too:

[People In Advertising, Including Ourselves]

  • Leona and MaryBe more productive and get more sleep. You’re spending way too much time on social media. Get back to work or go to bed.

[Social Media]

  • Mary ¬†EvangelistaStill waiting for a meaningful interaction with a famous person on Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter! Or IRL (in real life). I’m not picky.
  • Tennyson WilsonHey you. Please stop posting random legal notices thinking that they will in any way protect what you put on Facebook.
  • Monica FineisNo more FUIs. Nobody drink and Facebook anymore.

[Mobile Apps]

  • Jalahn White- Hey Instagram, can there be a limit on how many hashtags allowed per picture? #Seriously #you #don’t #need #to #hashtag #every #single #word.
  • Chin LuCan Grindr please finally let straight people in? The OKCupid app and Tindr just aren’t the same.

[YouTube videos]

  • Leona FreyBe more honest with your video titles. I highly doubt that your shaky iPhone video of your kid dancing is the “FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER!”
  • Chin LuDefinitely more cat videos. Like, way more.


You have a whole year ahead of you to accomplish this. Godspeed.


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