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We just launched a new mobile game for Amp Energy called “PowerDash.” For fun, we held a friendly inter-office competition to see who could get the highest score. The prize for the top three high scorers was an iPad mini. When your boss offers you a free iPad mini to play video games, you realize you are never allowed to complain about anything ever again.


The PowerDash winners are:

1st  Place – Elijah:  1,508,777

2nd Place – Albert:  648,384

3rd  Place – Mary:   592,241


Interestingly, and I mean suspiciously, all three winners were from the New York office. It should be noted that pretty early on, it seemed like Richard from the SF office had this competition in the bag.  It was his for the taking. He may or may not have even ordered a custom iPad Mini case. Then, like a team of misfit underdogs in a Disney movie, the New York office quietly trained and pulled through at the last minute to win the game!!! Well played you guys. Very sneaky.


The true loss for the San Francisco office was that we didn’t get Richard’s unblinking, table-flipping, “OH HELL NO” stare on film when we announced the winners. A non-reaction that gif worthy should be awarded an iPad in itself. And not some tiny baby iPad. FULL SIZE.

*This is a reenactment. The original was far more impressive.


Anyway, we are all very proud of our winners and everyone who worked to make PowerDash an incredibly addicting game, which you can download right here.


(But seriously New York, what’s really going on over there? 1.5 MILLION points? No one over the age of 14 should be able to score that many points on a video game. We take child labor laws somewhat seriously here at Mekanism.)

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  1. Richard Says:


    And the fact that I am NOT using my brand new ipad mini to comment on this post is THE WORST PART. 😉

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