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A few months ago we shot three spots for a new Nordstrom campaign we developed called ‘YOUphoria.’ The New York Times featured an article on the campaign, which you can read here. Or, if you prefer to read things written by people who are not contributing authors at major publications, you can continue reading my version of what made this campaign so special below.


First off, the entire shoot was done on a dairy farm in Petaluma, which looked exactly like the “Happy cows from California” commercials. This means I spent the better portion of my day blowing up Instagram with insanely beautiful photos and accompanying captions that would falsely lead people to believe that this kind of thing was, “Oh just another day at work.”

Of course that’s not really true, but what is social media for if not to trick people into thinking your life is cooler than it really is? Other than being beautiful, I enjoyed the Nordstrom shoot because I got to eat an unlimited amount of craft services and also because of these things:

  • Hot chainsaw Nick
  • Getting to ride a mini bike with glitter tassels
  • Being near a bonfire and a party raccoon
  • Happy cows
  • Not being in the office


You can check out all the spots by clicking the links below.  In the meantime I’ll be in a dimly lit room dreaming of the next Nordstrom shoot where I can once again monopolize everyone’s feed with my dreamy fashion Instagrams. Oh, just another day at work.




Mission to Party






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