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Mekanism Makeover
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Last week I had the pleasure of working out of the Mekanism New York office. Not because they asked me too – just because I wanted to and no one could stop me. Now I don’t want to compare offices, because this isn’t a competition, but I think it’s worth noting that Mekanism NY is slowly becoming the cooler office and SAN FRANCISCO WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Not only do they have a new office dog, Frank, who holds shit down with his fox stuffed animal sidekick, but they also got a bunch of new hires who are cool and already have a ton of inside jokes. As if that weren’t enough, the New York office got a huge makeover, starting with this Giant neon M:

And these colorful new desks with an abundance of plants that aren’t dead.

And this lounge area with a bar and silver guitar to make beautiful office music.


And these tiny call boxes that double as a private space to take calls, and a private space to look at all our awards while you get high off the lingering paint fumes. I recommend both.


And this area where Jason masterminds ways to expand Mekanism NY and take over the world and SAN FRANCISCO WE HAVE TO STOP HIM.

But besides the new dog, funny cool people, and office makeover, everything else is exactly the same. Just don’t spend too much time outside because your skin will start to turn a weird golden brown color, and don’t get on the subway because it’s scary and no matter what train you get on it will take you to Coney Island and you will die.

Until next time, Frank, no sleeping on the job – I need you to keep an eye on Jason.  And I look forward to inviting myself back in the near future.