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Balls of Steel at Ad Week
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Some companies are blessed with savvy CEOs. Others, with brilliant ideas. Luckily for Mekanism, ours embodies both… at the same damn time! (Rap reference here for those of you who missed that. And yes, you can fully expect my posts to incorporate these little nuggets of awesomeness on the regular.) Our fearless leader Jason Harris took the stage Monday afternoon as Ad Week X kicked off in New York City. Alongside him were Michael Dubin (Dollar Shave Club), Matthew Loyd (Mosey), Peter Shapiro (Brooklyn Bowl) and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (GILT) – four business owners running operations that span the gamut from new startups to industry game changers.

Titled “Balls of Steel,” Jason spoke with the panel about their experiences as entrepreneurs and how to navigate the daunting world of self-employment. Between anecdotes about how to deal with negative criticism (aka “the haters“) and seeking funding or support from venture capitalists, the group discussed marketing tactics, the importance of staying focused and how to scale a business.

Peter (second from right) recounted the story of Wetlands, a now defunct NYC music venue that he essentially “inherited” at the tender age of 23. Without proper paperwork or business know-how, the young Shapiro followed his love for music to create an experience that will soon be expanding to Las Vegas and London.

Lucky for me & you & your momma & your cousin too (word to Outkast) Ad Week recorded the entire segment and it’s now available for re-re-rewindviewClick here for the entire video, or check the technique below. Bossman Jason Harris recounts the top four takeaways here. Don’t say we never did nothin’ for ya!

Double Baby Shower
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Last Thursday we had a Mekanism first: a double baby shower for Mandi Ginsburg our Head of Integrated Media and Elizabeth Morse our Director of Integrated Production. Both ladies are having girls.

When we arrived for fancy afternoon teatime at Union Square, we marveled at how many people were leisurely shopping and not working. Oh, tourists and wealthy people who just volunteer.

One more time with tea cups!

“This is the life,” we all agreed as we drank delicate teas and ate still-warm popovers with strawberry butter. Some pinkies may or may not have been raised.

Some folks unfortunately couldn’t make the baby shower due to important meetings, so we sent them SnapChats.

To be honest, it was my first time attending a baby shower in general. I actually Googled “what to write in a baby shower card” and was relieved to discover that some of others did as well. We’re just not used to writing sincere good wishes without any sarcasm or innuendos to each other apparently.

Having two pregnant women in the office and witnessing their bellies grow each week really has taught me a lot about motherhood. TV and film do not do it justice.

Mandi and Elizabeth are both due in November, so they’re going to have Scorpio girls: intense and dynamic babies! We’re excited and sure it’ll be their best work yet.

I hope we can still take power naps in the pump room…when it’s free of course.

Are You #FanEnough?
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This past weekend we helped kick off Pepsi’s NFL campaign “Are You Fan Enough?” Here are two videos we produced that celebrate football fandom:

According to Tommy Means, our Executive Director who wrote and directed these, Victor Cruz from the New York Giants and Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals were surprisingly hilarious in person.

Last Sunday, the first #FanEnough Experience was set up at the parking lot of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for the Jets vs. Buccaneers game, and we invited some football-loving bloggers and YouTubers to come try it out. This was one of the many excellent results:

ALLISON AND TYLER GET LOUD! JETS 04 from Pepsi Fan Enough on Vimeo.

Yep, that is Alli Trippy of CTFxC and Tyler Oakley, and they are really that adorable IRL, too. The #FanEnough Experience will be stationed at various Pepsi-sponsored games throughout the NFL season, so be on the lookout if you’re going to be cheering on your team! Word on the street is that our president Jason Harris also made a #FanEnough video with our clients from Pepsi, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Our guests were also treated to the exclusive Pepsi Suite that day. One remarked that it was “basically like a club,” except ya know, at a football stadium. They met a special guest there: Marvin Jones the former linebacker for the Jets. Just look at how chummy they  were:

NOTE: No YouTube stars were harmed in the making of this Vine

It was also revealed that the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII’s Half Time performer will be Bruno Mars, the R&B artist from Hawaii. I bet he thinks you are Fan Enough, Just The Way You Are.