Selfie Day
Written by Leona at 5:07 pm • Uncategorized

2014 has proven to be a busy year for Mek so far. In the last month alone we delivered a :60 Oscar spot, rolled out 2 national ad campaigns for Method and Nordstrom Rack, and pitched something like 8 times. It’s exciting stuff! Until we go home and realize that we haven’t paid our utility bill and our significant others have found new significant others. So, in an effort to be normal people and win back our social lives , we had a mandated a Selfie Day. A full day dedicated entirely to not working. We called it selfie day because we were required to send in a selfie as proof that we were not working (which we were constantly reminded of via email on our day off.) “Did you get your selfie in?” “Don’t forget to send in your selfie!” “SEND US YOUR GOD DAMN SELFIE OR YOU’RE FIRED.” – Stuff like that.


Of course, as the hardworking, rule abiding employees we are, we all sent in our selfies (some not suitable for public consumption). And without further ado, I present to you: Selfie Day. A rare look into the lives of Mekanistas having mandatory fun, out in the wild.


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