Tech, Tech, Boom: NY Tech Meetup June 2014
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At the June NYTM, we caught a glimpse of a lot of cool platforms and experiences. Here’s a list of who we saw, what we learned and the key takeaways.


Floored: Interactive online 3D models for real estate

What is it? Turn real spaces into 3D Models easily or start with 3D Models and create your own custom spaces, from any modern web browser.

How does it work? This started to look like magic in a browser, but there is some serious technology behind it. Floored has created both software and hardware to automate complex tasks, including plane recognition, point cloud alignment, mesh simplification, and image-based 3D reconstruction. They have also built their own open-source 3D scanner to help collect HDR photography and depth data.

Check it out here: http://floored.com/


Social Bicycles: Bike Share Everywhere

What is it? A bike share program that eliminates the need for custom racks.

How does it work? It’s ZipCar for bicycles, and all you need to start poppin’ wheelies in the park is a smart device. Riders can locate, reserve and unlock their bikes through an easy-to-use mobile application. Once the rider makes it to their final destination, they can park their bike anywhere. The custom smartlock is the real genius.

Start socially riding here: http://socialbicycles.com/


Rukkus: Search the entire ticket universe for great deals

What is it? The self proclaimed “Kayak for Tickets” helps you find the best deal on music, sports and show tickets in your area.

How does it work? Wu-Tang Clan were the first to “bring it,” but now they have some competition. Rukkus aggregates ticket data from over 100 sources looking for tickets based on your Spotify listening habits. Through an extremely simple interface users can preview music, see the view from any seat, and quickly purchase tickets – Rukkus even ranks seats by two key factors: best deal or best view.

Get out and see something: http://rukkus.com/app



Flyer Penguin

What is it? Make a print-ready flyer from a Facebook event.

How does it work? Need some pep in your party? Want to invite 500 of your closest friends to an event someone else is throwing?  Flyer Penguin makes it easy…create or find a Facebook event and copy the URL, paste the URL into Flyer Penguin and watch the magic happen. Users will have a fully editable version of the invite that they can format and customize to be more printer friendly.

Try it out here: http://flyerpenguin.com/


moteio 2048

What is it? Multiplayer 2048 that you can control with a remote.

How does it work? Everyone knows 2048…right? right? This hack lets single players control the highly-addictive game on their laptop, using their mobile device as a remote. Tired of playing alone? Well, invite your friends by sharing the URL, then click “Watch Everyone’s Game!”. The grid of simultaneous 2048 is hypnotic.

Try it out here:  http://bit.ly/moteio2048


2048 Against Cancer

What is it? Play 2048 and donate money to someone who needs a clinical trial.

How does it work? Sam Agnew is a hacker with a big heart. His friend, Tyler Wiley needs a clinical trial to treat his brain cancer. Sam and his friend Faiq had the brilliant idea to hack 2048 with the mobile commerce app, Venmo. Every point you score in 2048 increases the amount of money in Tyler’s Venmo account. This is truly inspiring.

Try it out here: http://2048againstcancer.com/


Check Out All the Tech Through the Recorded-Live Stream:


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