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Mekanism NY: Breaking up with 520 Broadway
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Hey, 520 Broadway. Hi.  Hello. Sooo, this is kinda awkward.


Before you say anything we want you to know, it’s not you, it’s us*. Like a sprouting 10th grade boy, we’re experiencing a lot of changes right now. What’s that? It happened for you in 7th grade? Bastard. Anyway, we’re growing up. And like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, we just need more space. So, with voices cracking, we bid farewell to SoHo and head for the grayer pastures of the FiDi.

Is it “the FiDi” or just “FiDi”? Does anybody even care? No? Okaaay, moving on.

You did this to us.

We’re not gonna lie, you had your faults, 520 Broadway. There were your creaking wooden haunted house floors. Your edit bay with the shag rug that smelled of wet dog. Your Internet connection that went in and out more than Wilt Chamberlain.


There was your water pipeline that got cut and flooded the basement, forcing us to go to Café Duke when it was time to “make coffee”. Oh, really, that offends you? You of the mildew stench that wafted stealth-like up the elevator from the basement to assault our senses like a relentless stank-ninja? Well, okay then.


And then, most recently, there was your incessant drilling/hammering/sawing/drilling/sawing/drilling/hammering/hammering/sawing/hammering/drilling, courtesy of Michael Kors and his beautiful neon-white teeth and super comfortable, super expensive t-shirts.


Oh, and we almost forgot your— What? What’s wrong? What do you mean you’ve had enough? We were just pointing out a few memories, that’s all. In all this time together, we never realized how sensitive you were, 520 Broadway. Well, let’s focus on something more positive, then, yeah? Like the fact that you let us bring dogs into work!


[Long awkward pause; Earth, Wind & Fire muzak plays softly in background]


Don’t worry, we won’t forget you. Under your watchful gaze we’ve learned a lot, we’ve laughed a lot, we’ve bitched a lot, we’ve gone on paleo diets a lot, we’ve gone off paleo diets a lot, and we’ve grown up a lot.  We know it’s hard, but this is something we need to do. For ourselves. You can always write to us at 80 Broad St., and if we spot you from our awesome new rooftop deck we’ll be sure to wave.

Peace out, 520 Broadway! Peace out, SoHo! Peace in, FiDi!


Mekanism NY


*Okay, it’s kinda you.

Winning All The Things
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At Mekanism, we know exactly what it takes to achieve greatness.


It’s Tom Lyons’ powerful stance. Just look at it: Commanding the California sun to set under the gentle flap of the Mekanism flag. See, nothing reaps more rewards than planting a foot solidly on a rock. Except perhaps squeezing a foot into a NASA space suit and then putting all of that on a rock.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:9g:hk_5ssf565141s4l7swjpbzw0000gp:T:TemporaryItems:optimized_3018000000120724.jpg


But don’t take our word for it – Take the Webby’s.

That’s right. After winning 2 Effies earlier this year, we can add Webby Award Winner for Professional Services to our growing list of accolades. This’ll go right next to our awards for (insert references to Mekanism culture/inside jokes.)



Of course, all this fame and glamour (we’re waiting for your call, George Clooney) wouldn’t have been possible without a whole lot of collaboration between our New York & San Francisco offices.


We’d like to thank the following people in particular:


Liam Kaczmar –  @liamdevowski

Caroline Casey – @ccasey

Mimi Cave – @imimicave

Sean Cosier – @scoopadupa

Daniel Doherty – @danmdoherty

Kate Dubose

Emmett Feldman – @SurYummy

Tom Lyons – @sodabing

Sola Morrissey – @SolaCupcake

Elizabeth Morse – @elizajanem

Fearghal Odea – @fearghalodea

Edward Schmidt IV

Emily Shen – @emmulate


We’d also like to thank Nick, Jeff & Mike at @14Four and the incredible photographer, Mark Holthusen for bringing our vision to life.

Our new website
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Have you visited recently? If not, please do so now. Go ahead, I’ll be here waiting for you.

The photo shoot for the new site was held earlier this year when none of us knew how everything would come together besides our designer Liam Kaczmar, the mastermind behind this project. To really get a glimpse into the inspiration behind our new look, I sat down and talked with him and Sean Cosier our Creative Technologist.

This is Liam with a velvet painting of a dog, everybody.

Like many others, we adored our old quirky site with animations of Mekanistas doing strange things with weird props in a seemingly empty space, so Liam wanted to continue that theme and update it. He wanted to “create an alternate universe for Mekanism to exist in,” where we are “aliens who have landed in a foreign planet with strange ecosystems.”

Tom Lyons, Creative Studio Director. Fun fact: This astronaut outfit was rented from a specialty shop in Hollywood that provides replicas of historically accurate space suits for blockbuster movies

When I asked Liam how he cast each page, he responded that, in some cases, certain coworkers immediately sprang to mind. Our New York office folks had to be in the same photo, but the end result is pretty darn dazzling (See the “End” of the main page. Scroll to the last slide).

David Horowitz (Director/Creative Director) and Kevin Mulroy (Creative Director/Writer) are two members of a magical balance act.

Just like the old website, this new one is full of fun surprises. Look to the bottom of the “Work” tab for our frequent freelancer Mimi Cave, who also helped with the site.

Liam directing the Ladies (clockwise): Leona Frey (Copywriter), Maya Craig (Production Coordinator), Jessi Goldstein (Budget Manager), and Monica Fineis (Senior Digital Influence Strategist).

For the technical aspect of the interactive site, I turned to our Creative Technologist, Sean Cosier. He explained that the new site uses the Parallax Effect, which enables users to see a 3D visual experience by layering images and having them move at different speeds and perspectives to create depth. The viewer can control the animations by scrolling the computer mouse or swiping on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The old site was built in Flash and didn’t translate well on mobile devices. The production took six long months but the result is aesthetically stunning while maintaining user-friendly practicality.

Pauby Widjaja, dramatically lit Designer.

Tell us in the comments how you’re liking our new look; otherwise we might call our mom and cry into the phone like Leona below. We love hearing from you!

Some pictures we love that didn’t make the cut:

Tommy Means, Partner/Executive Director

Stef Smith, Executive Producer

Michael Zlatoper, Director of Client Strategy/Managing Director