Mekanism NY: Breaking up with 520 Broadway
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Hey, 520 Broadway. Hi.  Hello. Sooo, this is kinda awkward.


Before you say anything we want you to know, it’s not you, it’s us*. Like a sprouting 10th grade boy, we’re experiencing a lot of changes right now. What’s that? It happened for you in 7th grade? Bastard. Anyway, we’re growing up. And like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, we just need more space. So, with voices cracking, we bid farewell to SoHo and head for the grayer pastures of the FiDi.

Is it “the FiDi” or just “FiDi”? Does anybody even care? No? Okaaay, moving on.

You did this to us.

We’re not gonna lie, you had your faults, 520 Broadway. There were your creaking wooden haunted house floors. Your edit bay with the shag rug that smelled of wet dog. Your Internet connection that went in and out more than Wilt Chamberlain.


There was your water pipeline that got cut and flooded the basement, forcing us to go to Café Duke when it was time to “make coffee”. Oh, really, that offends you? You of the mildew stench that wafted stealth-like up the elevator from the basement to assault our senses like a relentless stank-ninja? Well, okay then.


And then, most recently, there was your incessant drilling/hammering/sawing/drilling/sawing/drilling/hammering/hammering/sawing/hammering/drilling, courtesy of Michael Kors and his beautiful neon-white teeth and super comfortable, super expensive t-shirts.


Oh, and we almost forgot your— What? What’s wrong? What do you mean you’ve had enough? We were just pointing out a few memories, that’s all. In all this time together, we never realized how sensitive you were, 520 Broadway. Well, let’s focus on something more positive, then, yeah? Like the fact that you let us bring dogs into work!


[Long awkward pause; Earth, Wind & Fire muzak plays softly in background]


Don’t worry, we won’t forget you. Under your watchful gaze we’ve learned a lot, we’ve laughed a lot, we’ve bitched a lot, we’ve gone on paleo diets a lot, we’ve gone off paleo diets a lot, and we’ve grown up a lot.  We know it’s hard, but this is something we need to do. For ourselves. You can always write to us at 80 Broad St., and if we spot you from our awesome new rooftop deck we’ll be sure to wave.

Peace out, 520 Broadway! Peace out, SoHo! Peace in, FiDi!


Mekanism NY


*Okay, it’s kinda you.

Getting Techy With It: NYTechMeetup May 2014
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Mekanism has recently turned to the NY Tech Meetup (NYTM) as a way to stay on top of new technologies and emerging experiences, enabling us to produce the best creative for our clients and support the hard-working pioneers of the NY tech scene.


For those of you who have no idea what the NY Tech Meetup is, here’s a quick explanation: Each month 10 emerging companies are invited up to give a 3-5 minute demo of their products. After every 3 presentations, there is an audience Q&A. As a special segment of each Meetup, there is the Hack of the Month, celebrating disruption using technology.


At the May NYTM, we caught a glimpse of a lot of cool platforms and experiences being crafted. Here’s a list of who we saw, what we learned and the key takeaways:


EndlessTV: The start screen app for video

What is it? A phone app that downloads videos from your subscribed-to channels, serving you mindless entertainment at all times of the day.

How does it work? A slick interface allows you to subscribe to video content providers like Buzzfeed, TMZ and ESPN, and gives you the ability to “surf through your channels” and watch the latest video posts..

The app is so focused on keeping your eyes dry, it runs in the background when connected to WiFi. Downloading up to 30 mins of video at a time, you can keep watching while your train is underground or you’re stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean.


Get it here: http://endlesstv.com/


Pagevamp: Create your website, in one click

What is it? A CMS powered by your Facebook page.

How does it work? Pagevamp allows you to create a website quickly by pulling in content from a Facebook page. By adding a fan page URL to the site, it provides a selection of templates that will display all the fan page’s content.

Super simple and brilliant for small business owners. Facebook becomes your site’s CMS and any fan page updates are reflected on your Pagevamp site.


Create your page now: http://www.pagevamp.com/


Poncho: Simpler weather service with a personality

What is it? A daily personalized weather update sent to your email or phone via SMS.

How does it work? Poncho aggregates weather data from several sources, looking for commonalities across geographical region. Similar regions live in a spreadsheet. A copywriter creates personalized updates for weather in your area, and they’re sent right to your inbox or phone.

Additionally, Poncho aggregates public transportation and allergy information that pair with special partnered discounts. You can set the frequency and delivery protocol to receive your updates based on your personal habits.


Start getting weather updates: http://poncho.is/settings/


Stray Boots: A fun experience that’s part scavenger hunt, part tour.

What is it? A web app that allows you to create a personal map of areas you love to share with friends and family.

How does it work? Stray Boots leverages Google Map’s API to let you drop pins on a map for locations you want to showcase and share with friends. With each location, you can comment on what’s good about that location. The experience also pulls in information like ratings and user reviews.

What sets this site apart from others is the simple experience paired with quick sharing for friends and family.


Create your own maps: https://www.strayboots.com/



What is it? A temperature monitor for low income families in NYC.

How does it work? The guys at Heat Seek NYC have created a way to help low income residents combat the landlords who are turning the heat down. A recording device takes a temperature reading every hour. The data is collected and compared to a database of external temperatures recorded at the tenants’ locations.

This generates a graph that can highlight how many times the landlord is in violation of providing adequate heat to their tenants. This data is needed to prove to the City of New York that the landlord is in violation.


Check them out here: http://heatseeknyc.com/


Click here to check out the May 2014 NY Tech Meetup Live Stream, if you simply can’t get enough.


Mekanism NY needs an Office Manager
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Job description

Reception: Open the office in the morning and answer the phones. The OM is the face of Mekanism and maintains a presence in the office, receiving guests and deliveries, and answering the main phone line throughout each business day.

Office, IT, and Kitchen Organization & Inventory: The OM is responsible for keeping the office organized, clean, and well stocked. The OM should take an active role in keeping up the appearance of our office. The OM is also responsible for managing the general office supply, IT equipment, and kitchen/food budget.

Executive Assistance: The OM is to serve as an executive assistant to the CEO and other Executives as needed. This includes booking travel, scheduling meetings with clients in and out of the office, making reservations, ordering gifts, getting lunch and whatever else may arise.

Scheduling: As Mekanism has many projects running at any one time, the OM must be aware of our many works in progress. Managing calendars for our meeting rooms is an integral part of the OM’s role. This includes being aware of changing needs and communicating with all levels of staff to keep everyone’s schedules running smoothly.

Timesheets: The OM is also responsible for overseeing NY employees’ timesheet submissions each week and ensuring that their hours are being logged and tracked properly and on time.

Social Events: The OM manages social events that happen throughout the year, including but not limited to our annual holiday party, employee birthday celebrations, and other office outings. This will also likely include “roof top music sessions” in our new office space, which will be shot and uploaded to a YouTube channel monthly.

Social Media: The OM works in conjunction with the Mek social media crew to keep the Mekanism profiles rocking and rolling.

Awards: The OM also partners with the team to enter Mekanism work into all key award shows.


Desired Skills and Experience

Strong organization and planning skills
Experience in an office assistant/admin role; great phone skills a plus
Calm and tactful under pressure
Professionalism, poise, diplomacy, and self-confidence to take on difficult issues
Discretion about private and confidential matters
Problem solver who is eager to help out and doesn’t mind random requests
A confident and positive people person – event/part planning experience a plus
Passion for the industry, competitive spirit, motivated to learn and grow

Apply via Smart Recruiters.

Please mention that you saw this post on the BLOG.

Thank you.