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This is our director Michael Langan’s Heliotropes. Put a helmet on.

(congrats, Michael..this is effing incredible.)

SXSW. Michael Langan. Heliotropes. Thursday. Come.
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Director Michael Langan’s short, “Heliotropes” is at SXSW this year. I’m going to cut and paste Michael’s elevator pitch for it, because he’s smarter than me.

“It’s a short based on a non-fiction poem by a friend of mine, Brian Christian. The poem is a scientific/philosophical look at the relationship between sunflowers, airlines, migratory birds and human beings at large; namely, how they all follow the sun in elegant and sometimes incredibly elaborate ways. The film takes this idea and runs with it in a series of crisp, surreal vignettes reminiscent of my SXSW ’08 film, “Doxology.” Pair that with the Voice of God, and you’ve got ‘Heliotropes.'”

WHERE: Alamo Lamar A

WHEN: Thu 3/17 1:30 pm

More info here at the official site.

Hope we see you there.

2010: A Case Odyssey (Oh, and a lost nipple.)
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Michael Langan is making very pretty things again. Are you paying attention?

To promote their new website that lets you personalize cases for your iPhone or Blackberry, Case-Mate let Langan run wild and create a gorgeous, visually stunning spot that uses surreal metaphors for the design interface to demonstrate the power of the application.

If it isn’t entirely clear, I took that last sentence from a release. You know why? It sounded incredibly smart, kind of like Michael.

If your mind didn’t just explode, he also made a hilarious spot about life with steel wool hands. Random, you say? Ha! We say it simply kills two birds with one stone: it discusses how it would kind of suck to have steel wool hands while also cleverly talking about how fingerprints and glare on a cell phone aren’t fun. And those are two birds people have been throwing stones at for a very long time, and they usually only hit one.

You can check out these and the other spots Michael made over on the Case-Mate YouTube channel. And if you’d like to customize your own case, go to

Nice work, Michael. It’s not often that someone says, “Hey, have you seen that spot with the floating pseudo-diety? Yeah, it was after the one where the nipple gets ripped off by the steel wool hands!”

And that’s why we love you.