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A lot of friends and a Samsung SH100 walk into a bar…
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We just had the joy of wrapping up the Samsung Coast to Coast Photo Post.

This is it in a nutshell, but we’ll explain it with too many words after you watch this.

If you missed it, we sent four people who aren’t on speaking terms anymore friends across the country with a camper and an Samsung SH100 digital camera, and asked them to pass it off to every little person they ran into along the way to take pictures with it. The camera would then post those pictures to the internet (it has wi-fi built in…I know, right?), so people could see themselves in amazing/cool/embarassing photos in real time on a Facebook app. The person whose photo got the most likes on Facebook was then flown out to a gallery event in NYC.┬áIt turns out the camera didn’t shower and played HORRIBLE music that they all had to deal with in the car, but everything else worked out really well.

Well, that gallery event just happened in NYC at The Samsung Experience, with every last photo from the journey on display. The crew from the trip and Charles Trippy and Alli Speed (winners of the contest) were there to greet the crowd as well. Grandmaster Flash dropped beats (I can say that, because that’s what happened) and tons of Mekanistas, Samsung(istas?), press and fans got down. It was a really fun party. We wish you could have been there, internet.

Thanks again to everyone who tagged along on our journey across America. We had a blast.