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This pretty much sums up Mek
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pitch videos from tony benna on Vimeo.

It’s not uncommon to spend 12 hours days at the office when you work in advertising. Sure, 90% of the time we’re sitting in meetings or at our laptops with headphones in, just like any other agency job, but makes working at Mekanism special, is that other 10%. The part of our day that involves tights, twister, mini-trampolines, and synchronized lunging – all for a pitch video that will most likely, never see the light of day. Tony Benna, one of our Mekanism Directors, sums that other 10% up perfectly, in this video.

Tony Benna All Fancy-Like in IdN
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We totally know that guy.

Our director Tony Benna graces the cover of IdNv18n1.

Which sounds like a file name on our server. But instead it’s an amazing write-up on tactile design.

And Tony. Congrats, Mr. Benna. This is awesome.